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6 days ago
By MotoGP? Podcast

Mamola: from king of saves to king of Instagram

Cure some of your quarantine blues with an hour of Randy Mamola’s dulcet tones on Episode 2

MotoGP? Podcast Episode 2 of 2020 is here and coming to cure your quarantine blues this week is the dulcet tones of MotoGP? Legend turned king of Instagram Randy Mamola.

Mamola and the Podcast team delve into a wide range of topics that vary from an emotional weekend at the Circuit of the Americas in 2018, where he became a MotoGP? Legend, to the differences between how riders beat the best from his era to now. Mamola also chats about the current state of American motorcycle racing, what he would do to bring more Americans like Joe Roberts into the Grand Prix setup and how exactly he became an instant Instagram hit.

“Funny part about the official Randy Mamola Instagram was that my daughter started it... without me knowing,” admits Mamola. “If you take a look at the very first video, where I'm dancing in a Tuxedo, that was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year in July. What was funny about that, was the next GP was two or three weeks away, and we were flying to Brno.

“As I was getting on the plane there's a lot of paddock members, who said, "great dancing, Randy!" I said, "What are you talking about?" "Your Instagram!" "I don't have an Instagram..." "No, you have one!" So I got home and asked my lovely daughter, turns out she didn't give me the name or password or anything and just said what a way to start your Instagram page!”

So there’s a little teaser for you, and here are some more topic teasers that are covered across the hour-long MotoGP? Podcast:

- Randy Mamola: a future TikTok master?
- Thoughts on how to beat Marc Marquez
- An insight into how to overcompensate on less competitive machinery
- Mamola’s admired showmanship: was he one of the main pioneers for this new branch of the sport?
- What was the Transatlantic Racing Series and how much did it help breed some of the biggest names in the 80s and 90s?
- THAT save: just what goes through your mind straight after and what did the team have to say…

But that’s not all! New to 2020, Mamola takes part in the Kenwood Quickfire round at the end of the Podcast, where the American legend plays a word association game.

And don’t forget, the MotoGP? Podcast can be listened to across Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Acast, as well as being available to watch on YouTube too!

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